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[BLOG] Dried Fruits Nitrogen treatments

Stored product pests are causing millions of dollars of economic loss each year, and dried fruits aren’t safe either. Fortunately, there is a way in which you can save your commodity from becoming a feast for these tiny creatures. You won’t be needing any chemicals so don’t worry about losing your product’s organic certification.

However, before diving into this pest management method, you need to understand the common pests found in dried fruits and what are the consequences of failing in getting rid of them to know what you are dealing with. Let’s get started!

[BLOG] Integrated Pest Management: A Must for All Food Commodity Businesses

Protecting Your Food Commodity

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in farming, but unfortunately, pests are one of them. Whether you’re growing, storing, or shipping, as hard as you’re working to protect the quality of your food commodity, rats and rodents are working equally hard to eat as much of it as possible. This is why pest management needs to be one of the top priorities for everyone in the food commodity sector. A well-thought-out integrated pest management plan will increase your bottom line, ensure that you are always in compliance with the latest regulations, and help you sleep a lot better at night.

[BLOG] Herbs and spices

The use of herbs and spices is a vital part of the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Unfortunately, herbs and spices are also vulnerable to pests, which greatly compromises the quality of their aromas and therapeutic properties. Infestation can happen at any stage in the supply chain, from the farm where they are grown, to the processing facilities, to the store shelf. The most common infestations occur during storage, and transport.

[BLOG] A key facts guide

Control Union Pest Management (CUPM) offers a wide range of Pest Management solutions which can be delivered right through the product storage and transit lifecycle. This includes innovative non-toxic bulk fumigation which reduces risk, saves time and is permitted in more places. Control Union Pest Management understands how to integrate pest management into the logistics chain - maximising impact and minimising cost and delay. We are fully approved by GAFTA to act in the roles of Analyst, Fumigator and Superintendent.

[BLOG] Cacao Nitrogen Treatments

Cacao is a fragile crop and extremely susceptible to pests and diseases that can significantly reduce production and storage stocks, causing high economic losses. Insect infestation can start at the farm and during the drying process in the country of origin but can also occur while the cacao beans are transported to a warehouse for storage or shipment abroad, within storage facilities, and even at the final stages of chocolate production.

Control Union Pest Management recognised by the Australian government

Control Union Pest Management performs (preventive) control of the BMSB by means of Heat Treatment. The treatment against BMSB takes place by placing goods of all types and sizes in our dedicated HT chamber and ensuring that the goods are 56 degrees (core temperature) for at least 30mn. Not any live stage of the BMSB can survive these temperatures.
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