Controlled Atmosphere (CA) - Low-oxygen method

In many products, especially products originating from agriculture, insects can be found. These products may also attract pests. As this involves risks for food safety, pest control is very important.
In accordance with the simple principle that insects and rodents cannot survive without oxygen, products can be treated with a Controlled Atmosphere method, i.e. a low-oxygen method. The method is eminently suitable for both preventive and curative treatments.

The products are placed in our treatment rooms, after which the oxygen level and the temperature are adjusted to the insects to be controlled and the products to be treated. In this way, we can kill the insects in every stage of life - eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.

Furniture or, for example, frames may also contain insects that may affect the wood. A low-oxygen method is eminently suitable for a safe treatment of this kind of objects.

The technique does not use any toxic gases and will therefore leave no residues on the products. Another aspect of this method is that the pest population cannot develop any resistance.

Examples of products that can be treated:
  • Grain, rice, cocoa, coffee, spices, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, dried peas and beans, tobacco, and soy
  • Furniture, works of art, and historical objects
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