IPM - Integrated Pest Management

What is IPM? IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management, a process that is vital to ensure the safety of food. A highly effective pest control method, IPM is prevention focussed and uses the minimum quantity of biocides possible, which helps reduce the impact on the environment.
In rural settings, particularly where there are potential food sources, the risk of attracting pests is ever present. Problems associated with pests are common in all parts of the agricultural sector, from farms to storage and transport companies in ports. Using IPM helps ensure premises, goods and cargos are clean and pest free.

IPM Process 

Control Union always works strictly in accordance with the following three simple, but essential steps:
  • We work with you to inspect your location(s) for traces or the presence of rats and other vermin and any possible nesting sites or access points. Depending on your specific situation, we formulate a plan to ensure your business premises and procedures are completely pest proof;
  • If necessary, we implement a range of measures, from providing general hygiene and prevention advice to installing traps, bait boxes, etc.
  • We continue to inspect, monitor and report regularly and at a high level , always in accordance with the applicable IPM standards.
Are you experiencing problems with pests or do you want to avoid the chance of any such problems arising? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can be of assistance.

How to control rats

Rats are a common cause of problems, and their numbers continue to increase rapidly across farms, at storage locations and in ports across the Netherlands. In addition to carrying a number of diseases and damaging cargos, rats can also be the cause of other problems, such as gnawing through electrical wiring. Controlling rats is therefore essential, be it brown rats (rattus norvegicus) or black rats (rattus rattus), which are being seen in increasing numbers.

Controlling rats is made more difficult by the fact that many rats today are less sensitive to rat poison than in the past. This means that they continue to live for a period having ingested poison or are not affected at all. As a result, rat populations are growing, and traditional rat control poison alone is not a viable solution.

The applicable quality standard for rat control is KPMB IPM Rat Control, and Control Union Pest Management is IPM Rat Control certified.


Control Union has developed its own platform, called PAMS, to provide insight into pest control and make it easy for customers to demonstrate compliance with various quality standards. In the PAMS system, owners, quality managers , farmers and certification bodies can all find reports about inspections that have taken place. Reports from PAMS meet all BRC, Global Gap, FSSC 22000 and Tesco quality requirements.

Integrated Pest Management

Our experience

We have extensive experience in controlling rats and other vermin in the agricultural and related logistics sector. No two companies are the same, and nor our customers, which vary in type, size and complexity. For this reason, we work closely with every customer to find the most practical and cost-efficient solution to fit their unique needs. We do not charge for any unnecessary visits, but are always available if and when necessary.

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