BMSB - Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

To prevent the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) to invade Australia and New Zealand, quarantine measurements are imposed on certain exported cargoes, and these cargoes need to undergo treatment in the export country, before being allowed to be imported to Australia & NZ. Peterson is experienced in treating insects with heat in various modalities and is licensed to perform BMSB Heat Treatments under license NL4005SB.

We operate our own indoor Heat Treatment Terminal which is located within a 4PL warehouse close to the Rotterdam Port area (Amerweg, 3336 LA Zwijndrecht, Netherlands).

All cargoes are suitable for application of BMSB treatments. Directly as 20ft and 40ft, OT, Out-of-Gauge or Flatrack, or LCL in our certified HT chamber. Containers or out-of-gauge and flatrack parcels are delivered on the trailer, which is uncoupled.

Key benefits of our operation;

  • Flexible: Delivery day 1 < 15.00, Pick up day 2 > 08.00 
  • No Terminal Handling Charges, No Open Top surcharges
  • Fixed out-of gauge and Flatrack rates
  • LCL treatment available, 4PL services available
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