Heat Treatment

The following information for purchasers and users of wood packaging is very important.

Wood packaging is widely used for global transport. The many advantages of wood are obvious: it is strong, flexible, and sustainable. However, it is and remains a natural product, and untreated wood packaging may therefore contain live pests. The spread of these pests may internationally lead to damage. This is prevented by the proper treatment of the wood.

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) prescribes standardised measures, aimed at preventing the spread of live pests, for wood packaging.

Wood packaging therefore has to meet requirements in accordance with ISPM 15. This applies for packaging made of massive wood or wood products (except paper), that is used for the support, protection, or transport of goods.

Here you can think of pallets, formwork, packaging, crates, dunnage, etc. ISPM 15 prescribes the use of debarked wood.

More than 125 countries already demand treatment in accordance with ISPM 15.

The worldwide standard prescribes treatment and marking of wood packaging, so it is clear that there are no live pests in the wood. If your product has not been marked in accordance with ISPM 15, it may be stopped, returned or destroyed when it is imported into a country. As proof of treatment by a registered company, the IPPC mark with a unique registration number is affixed to your wood packaging.

ISPM 15 guarantees trouble-free transport worldwide, without additional certificates being required.

With Peterson Pest Control, you opt for a registered company that meets the requirements of ISPM 15.

The outward appearance of your product does not change in any way. The product that is treated by us is given a unique registration number. This mark is internationally recognised, and we ensure that it is clearly visible on the product.

In addition, it will also be stated on your invoice, after which it can be imported in any country whatsoever without any problem and without any additional requirements.

As a registered company, Peterson Pest Control has been listed in the Central Register of the Dutch Foundation for the Marking of Wood Packaging (SMHV).

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