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[BLOG] A key facts guide

Control Union Pest Management (CUPM) offers a wide range of Pest Management solutions which can be delivered right through the product storage and transit lifecycle. This includes innovative non-toxic bulk fumigation which reduces risk, saves time and is permitted in more places. Control Union Pest Management understands how to integrate pest management into the logistics chain - maximising impact and minimising cost and delay. We are fully approved by GAFTA to act in the roles of Analyst, Fumigator and Superintendent.

[BLOG] Cacao Nitrogen Treatments

Cacao is a fragile crop and extremely susceptible to pests and diseases that can significantly reduce production and storage stocks, causing high economic losses. Insect infestation can start at the farm and during the drying process in the country of origin but can also occur while the cacao beans are transported to a warehouse for storage or shipment abroad, within storage facilities, and even at the final stages of chocolate production.

Erkenning Australische overheid voor Control Union Pest Management

De Australische overheid heeft Control Union Pest Management erkent om behandelingen tegen de Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs te mogen uitvoeren in Nederland. Wij mogen na behandeling een goedgekeurd certificaat afgeven onder ons unieke nummer (NL4005SB). Dit certificaat wordt erkend door de Australische en Nieuw-Zeelandse douane voor import.
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